C H E E S E F A R E  W E E K 🧀. is upon us! This week we

C H E E S E F A R E W E E K 🧀. is upon us! This week we

3/8/2021, 9:22:13 AM
C H E E S E F A R E W E E K 🧀. is upon us! This week we prepare our bodies before the 40 day cleanse. In preparation for the Sarakosti (40 days of fasting) we eat less meat although dairy is still permitted in the lead up to Clean Monday, 15th of March. This way our bodies have somewhat adjusted to the sudden change of diet as we fast following a mostly vegan diet (shell fish permitted) until Easter on Sunday, 2nd May. Like every other year, I’m pleased to share my Lenten recipes with you and I hope I inspire you to try them. Lots of love, Mary. TIROPITA. 1kg ricotta cheese - drained. 250g feta cheese (more or less if you prefer). 1/4 cup chopped fresh mint. 2 eggs. Pepper. Salt, use minimal. 1 box Fillo pastry @antonioufillopastry . Olive oil for brushing between layers. In a large bowl combine all of the ingredients for the filling and stir well. Set aside. Preheat your oven to 170C. Brush an approximately 12” baking tray with olive oil. Lay out 6-7 layers of pastry piling each one allowing it to over hang out of the tin (this way we can fold it back over once it’s filled). Pour in the cheese mixture and fold the overhanging sheets of fillo back over the top of the cheese. Add another 5 layers of pastry (brushing oil with each one). Using a sharp knife, gently cut through the filo to create slices for easy cutting after it’s been baked. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and bake for approximately 45 minutes. If the filo starts to brown too quickly, move your tray to the bottom of your oven or reduce heat slightly and cook till golden. Enjoy! #vegetarian

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