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Protein Rich Indian Food

Proteins are prime nutrients helpful in the tissue-building process and as fuel for cells in the human body. Amino acids link together to form a protein which is broken down into a polypeptide chain during the digestion process. The polypeptide produced is used by the body for normal functioning of the organs and also utilized by the skin and hair. These proteins play an essential role in nucleic acid formation(DNA and RNA), hormones, co-enzymes, and glycoproteins. Some of the vegetarian protein rich Indian food sources are leafy greens, millets, grains, legumes, and nuts. Non-veg protein rich Indian food sources...

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Health Benefits Of Mustard

Mustard is a plant species belonging to the family Brassicaceae.The seeds of mustard is an essential spice in Indian cuisine.Surprisingly, few people use mustard seed oil for cooking purpose.Read:Seafood BenefitsAmazing Health Benefits Of Jasmine TeaSurprising Facts About Guava Health BenefitsMustard: A Brief HistoryPrimary mustard varieties are mild white mustard, oriental mustard, and black mustard.Oriental mustard is initially seen in the foothills of the Himalaya, and are raised commercially in India, Canada, Denmark, and the United States.In Europe, the cultivation of white mustard is quite like a cover crop.Moreover, the origin for the wild variety of mustard is west Asia...

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Amazing Health Benefits Of Jasmine Tea

The health benefits of jasmine tea include prevention of diabetes, cancer and reduce the risk of heart-related problems.It differs from overall green tea because of an excess heat step in processing.It helps in improving digestive processes and reduces cholesterol.Moreover, it’s full of polyphenols (particularly catechins), vitamins, and amino acids.Additionally, catechins have anti-mutagenic, anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral effects.Read:Facts About Guava Health BenefitsFacts About Alpha Lipoic Acid For Weight Loss10 Quick Tips About Mushrooms For Weight LossJasmine Tea: A Brief HistoryJasmine tea is a herbal tea from China since ancient times. The flavor of jasmine tea was sweet and extremely...

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Amazing Facts About Guava Health Benefits

Guava is a super-fruits with a low-calorie profile with high dietary fiber, rich in antioxidants, and vitamins.[1]Guava fruit is a berry, which has fleshy pericarp and many small seeds.As peoples are becoming more health conscious, demands for natural and fresh-foods like guava have increased interest.Of the South American countries, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela produce significant quantities of guava.The fruits vary in size, shape and flavour depending on the variety.Its seeds and leaves possess medicinal value and are traditionally used to treat many human ailments.Guava is a tropical fruit, widely consumed fresh and also processed.Processed products include beverages, syrup,...

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Seafood Benefits

Seafood is rich-protein food that is below in calories, fat, and saturated fat.Seafood is a significant source of a wide variety of micronutrients and protein to many of the world’s poorest populations.The term ‘seafood’ covers a heterogeneous group of aquatic organisms both from the marine environment and freshwater.Furthermore, the demand for seafood across the world now exceeds, rapidly increasing market for aquaculture products.Nutrient composition in seafood is omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, taurine, vitamins D and B12.Epidemiological studies show seafood consumption helps in the reduction in the risk of succumbing to many chronic diseases of aging as well as in...

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