The health benefits of jasmine tea include prevention of diabetes, cancer and reduce the risk of heart-related problems.

Health Benefits Of Jasmine Tea

It differs from overall green tea because of an excess heat step in processing.

It helps in improving digestive processes and reduces cholesterol.

Moreover, it’s full of polyphenols (particularly catechins), vitamins, and amino acids.

Additionally, catechins have anti-mutagenic, anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral effects.


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Jasmine Tea: A Brief History

Health Benefits Of Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea is a herbal tea from China since ancient times. The flavor of jasmine tea was sweet and extremely fragrant.

During 206 BC to 220 AD, the jasmine plant is thought to been introduced to China from South Asia through India. The significant spread around the country happens during the Qing Dynasty.

Later the cultivation of jasmine tea was expanded to countries like Vietnam and Japan.

Besides, the Chinese province of Fujian produced the best jasmine tea.

The people also believed drinking jasmine tea benefits by boosting immunity.

Traditionally northern Chinese serve jasmine tea as a welcoming drink to guests.

Jasmine tea as a source of antioxidants

Another significant health benefits of jasmine tea include a source of many different kinds of antioxidants that offer protection into the membranes of red blood cells.

This extra protection helps in fighting free radical-induced oxidation.

In-vitro studies show polyphenols present in jasmine tea can be direct antioxidants by scavenging reactive oxygen species.

Also, these antioxidants implement protective effects against cancer.

Furthermore, the beneficial effects of jasmine tea against cancer include ROS-mediated cancer cell death and preventing cellular damage.

The antioxidant effect may vary by the number of polyphenols in jasmine tea.

Health Benefits of Jasmine Tea Against Cancer

Studies on jasmine tea reveal inhibitory effects on carcinogenesis.[1]

Regular consumption may help in lowering esophageal tumor burden.

Also, In-vitro studies show the potent antioxidant capacity of jasmine catechins fighting against the cancer cells.

Another significant health benefits of jasmine tea are inhibition of cancer cell viability and induction of apoptosis.

Besides, this tea also induces cell death in cancer cells by producing hydrogen peroxide.

Weight loss

Modern lifestyle and improper food intake lead to obesity in many of the men and women. This condition can be naturally treated using the jasmine tea.

Presence of anti-inflammatory property improves the metabolism and burn unwanted fat.

Moreover, the ingredients present in jasmine relieve stress and lower high blood pressure naturally.

A 2009 study shows daily exercise with jasmine tea benefits by lowering the abdominal fat and serum TG.

Another significant health benefits of jasmine tea are low in calorie value, and regular consumption directly assists in natural weight loss.

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